Ferdinand Freudenstein’s spatial kinematics
P. Larochelle

The inverse kinematics of cable-driven parallel robot with more than 6 sagging cables Part 1: From ideal to sagging cables
J.-P. Merlet

The inverse kinematics of cable-driven parallel robot with more than 6 sagging cables Part 2: Using neural networks
J.-P. Merlet

A screw theory-based method for approximate static balancing of a RSSR-SS mechanism
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Kinematics and workspace of a spatial 3-DoF manipulator with anti-parallelogram joints
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On a software joint velocity limitation of a spherical parallel manipulator with coaxial input shafts
A. Le, F. Rouillier, D. Chablat, G. Rance, A. Quadrat

Analysis of planar network mechanisms using the diagonal intersection point
I. Macia Roger, A. Perez Gracia


A new 3-DoF spherical motion master-slave mechanism
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Preliminary analysis and simulation of a compact variable stiffness wrist
G. Milazzo, M.G. Catalano, A. Bicchi, G. Grioli

The evolving role of robot kinematics in bio-nanotechnology
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Kinematic modelling of a Stewart-Gough platform with modified Cardan joints
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A generalization of the Bresse properties in higher-order kinematics
D. Condurache

Inherently balanced spherical pantograph mechanisms
K.T.Y. Durieux, V. Van der Wijk

Finding the common tangents to four spheres via dimensionality reduction
J.M. Porta, F. Thomas


A Schoenflies motion generator actuated by four in-parallel sliding joints with a single mobile platform featuring half-circle rotation
G. Wu, H. Shen 

compound cable-driven parallel robot for a larger wrench-feasible workspace
C. Chevallereau, P. Wenger, S. Caro 

Hierarchy control of dual-arm concentric tube continuum robots with different redundancy resolution techniques
T. Alsaka, P. Cinquin, M.T. Chikhaoui 

Actuated in-operation-reconfiguration of a cable-driven parallel robot with a gradient descent approximation technique
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Design and control of a climbing robot for warehouse automation
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Closed-form derivation of the gain-type singularity surface of the 3-RRS parallel manipulator
A. Kolte, B. Patra, S. Bandyopadhyay 

Synthesizing the transmission properties of a five-bar linkage by shaping workspace bounds
S. Ramesh, M. Plecnik


 Kinematic analysis of a parallel robot for minimally invasive surgery
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An average-distance minimizing motion sweep for planar bounded objects
Q. Ge, H. Liu

Kinetic-geometric three-position synthesis of a balanced 4R four-bar linkage
V. Van der Wijk

Angular velocity and acceleration extrema: Implications for force analysis in planar 4R mechanisms
M.J.D. Hayes, T.T.O. Hninn, R.A. Irani

On kinematics of lower mobility planar parallel continuum robots
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Rational linkages: From poses to 3D-printed prototypes
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Use of force-controlled compliance-eigenvector power-iterations for finding an instantaneous knee axis: Mockup study for a fixed hinge
A. Hoffmann, M. Ghiassi, A. Kecskeméthy


Analytically informed inverse kinematics solution at singularities
A. Mueller 

Diversifying construction units and types of 1-DOF multi-loop plane-symmetric overconstrained spatial mechanisms
X. Kong, Y. Li 

Dual quaternion quintic blends: C2-continuous, time-optimized interpolation with unit dual quaternion pose representation
J. Temminghoff, M. Huptych, J. Wiartalla, M. Schmitz, B. Corves, M. Hüsing 

Motion types of 2-DOF hybrid kinematic chains
A. Antonov 

A new compact paired-parallel architecture for haptic transparency
M. Vulliez, O. Khatib 

Development of a redirection system for collision avoidance of “Quad-SCARA” robot platform based on buffered Voronoi cell
X. Sun, K. Shibayama, K Ishida, K. Makino, H. Terada 

Influence of joint offsets on the elbow null space motions of the 7-DOF Franka robot
S. Tittel


Kinematic and static analyses of a 3-DoF spatial tensegrity mechanism
K. Muñoz, M. Porez, P. Wenger 

Hybrid-control-based workspace analysis of overconstrained cable-driven parallel robots
E. Idà, F. Zoffoli, M. Carricato 

On the product of subgroups as persistent submanifolds
V. Di Paola, J. Selig, D. Zlatanov 

From axial C-hedra to general P-nets
G. Nawratil 

A novel 4-DoF 3UPU-2UPU-RRR parallel manipulator with full rotational capability based on redundancy
H. Simas, R. Simoni, L. Meneghini 

Computational efficient mechanisms
S. Bai 

A variable-DOF single-loop 7R spatial mechanism that has no 1-DOF 7R motion mode
X. Kong


Mobile Delta robot for green asparagus harvesting
S. Šlajpah, J. Gimpelj, M. Munih, M. Mihelj 

Human-robot interactive framework with remote center of motion and virtual fixtures for minimally invasive robotic surgery
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Kinematic design of a novel finger exoskeleton mechanism for rehabilitation exercises
G. Kiper, E. İnanç 

Fixed Points in Distance Recurrence Formulas
F. Thomas 

A minimally autonomous robot walker
J. Li, C. Liu, J.M. McCarthy 

Geometric design of spatial mechanisms for interaction with the environment
N. Robson, S. Hernandez 

Kinetostatic analysis for 6RUS parallel continuum robot using Cosserat rod theory
V. Rodrigues, B. Yu, C. Stoeffler, S Kumar