In 1821, representatives of the Holy Alliance lived and met in Ljubljana. Known as the Congress of Leibach, the event took place from 10 January to 22 May.

The occasion for the third meeting of the Holy Alliance was the constitutional revolution in the Kingdom of Naples in June 1820. The absolutist leaders of the European superpowers Russia, Austria and Prussia decided to take strict action against the rebels. They offered to help King Ferdinand of Naples and, after a month-and-a-half meeting, authorized the Austrian army to deal with the revolutionaries.

The Congress was attended by Russian Tsar Alexander I and Russian Prime Minister and Secretary of State Kapodistrias, Austrian Emperor Franz I, King Ferdinand IV of Naples. and the fashion ruler Francis IV. Modenski, as well as around 500 ministers and representatives of France, Great Britain, Prussia and individual Italian countries. The ideological leader and coordinator of the Congress was the Austrian Chancellor, Prince Metternich.

It follows from this that ARK was neither the first nor the largest conference in Ljubljana.